Thanks for your interest in Missing Piece Communications! 

Missing Piece Communications & Public Relations is an Arizona-based firm helping you to create a positive public image, and implement innovative communication programs for your business.

Effective public relations is much more than issuing a press release or getting your organization’s name in the paper—it’s also about examining your brand from a holistic viewpoint and building a communications process that creates connections and builds mutually beneficial relationships.

What is the benefit is to working with us versus a larger agency?  Quite simply— we are obsessed with providing personalized service and creating results for you.  We are passionate about what we do and how we do it, and we believe in the clients we represent.

Because you deserve the best customer service, Missing Piece Communications and Public Relations engages with only a select number of clients.  This enables us to create customized public relations and marketing strategies optimized for your unique needs.  We also recognize that each client often has finite financial and staff resources to devote toward achieving their public relations and marketing goals, and we adapt our plans and activities accordingly to fit your organization.

Our professionalism is reflected in our attitude, our work and our interaction with clients and colleagues.  We strive to keep it simple, reinforce an atmosphere of trust, maintain a sense of humor and believe that challenges are most effectively met through collaboration, cooperation and creativity.